As an artist, Nada has been enchanted by art since childhood but she effectively started to focus on art since 2017. Living in Dubai, UAE Nada is a self-taught artist who indulges in producing something new every time she uses the brush. Inspired by the art of creating in itself, Nada’s uses oil and acrylic paint focusing mainly on nature elements which reflects her interest of sharing creations with others in its most organic form, and showing her creativity.

Nada had a solo exhibition in 2018 inaugurated by Mr. Yasser Al Gergawi, Director of programme and partnership, Ministry of Tolerance, as well by the two Emirati pioneer artists namely Mr. Abdulqader Al Rais and Dr. Najat Makki. Nada has been on several TV programs and newspapers to raise the awareness of art in Dubai and share her experience and art. Nada firmly believes in sharing joy, happiness and positivity with others specially those who are in need. For this, she has supported several exhibitions for special needs people by donating artwork to their centers to encourage artistic fundamentals in young children.

With many key exhibitions and events contribution, Nada has opened several exhibitions as a VIP guest and has successfully participated in key exhibitions in 2019 namely Carousel Du Louvre in the Louvre Museum in Paris, WIL Forum, Kunooz Art Exhibition in London, Flyer Art Gallery in Rome, and most recently Townly Gallery in New York. Nada is a member in several galleries in Dubai and she collaborates with other local and international galleries.

Lamsa by Nada
P.O. Box 939608
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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